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Vietnam visa from Ottawa, Canada

Information on getting a visa to Vietnam from Ottawa, Canada.

It is easy to apply for a visa to Vietnam from Canada, please find the below for options available:

Visa on arrival - Visa at embassy comparison chart

  Visa on arrival Visa at Embassy
Issued by Vietnam Immigration Dept Vietnamese Embassy
Processing time 1-2 working days 3-5 working days
Processing fee 35-50 USD (stamping fee included) 50-85 USD
Additional fees None Postal costs
Passport required Not required Required

Why should I apply online instead of going to the embassy?

Each visa application option offers you some advantage. VOA is especially beneficial for those who live far away from the Vietnamese embassies and do not wish to send their passports away by mail. The other advantages of VOA include faster processing, cost-saving and more efficient payment methods.

Getting Vietnam visa through an embassy.

Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam
in Canada
470 Wilbrod Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1N 6M8
Tel: (613) 236 0772
Fax: (613) 236 2704

Office hours:

Monday to Friday
9.30 a.m - 12.00 p.m
13.30 p.m - 16.00 p.m

It will take at least 5 days for normal processing and 2 days for urgent processing, and the cost will be around $133 for a multiple entry visa and $79 for a single entry.

2. Getting a visa on arrival

You can also apply for a visa on arrival, just fill in the online application form and wait a few days to get your approval letter that allow you to board the plane and get stamp at Vietnam airport. This type of will save you both time and money.

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