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Vietnam visa in Cambodia

It is easy to get your visa to Vietnam in Cambodia at hostels, travel agencies, or Vietnamese consulates.

Visit Vietnamese embassy in Cambodia:

Embassy of Vietnam
436 Monivong Blvrd, Phnom Penh
Tel: +855-23 362741
Fax: +855-23 427 385, 362 314

1. Tips from other travelers

From many travelers’ experience, it is much more convenient to obtain your visa in Vietnamese consulate in Sihanoukville, because visa will be issued in Sihanoukville. The process takes only 5 minutes and costs around 30USD.

2. Address: 310 Ekreach- Khan Mittapheap – Sihanouk City
Phone : 349 33 669
Fax :349 33 669
Code : 00-855

3. Getting visa on arrival

You may also get a visa on arrival to Vietnam, however, this method is applicable to air travel only. Our service cost is only 25$ US for one application.

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